Obtain Necessary Building Permits
-Makes sure the job meets local building codes
-Assures that we are licensed to work in your
.local community
-Avoids fines for you
-Avoids unnecessary cost of corrective construction

Schedule The Job
-Lets you plan for your new roof.
-Reconfirming night before job starts avoids last minute
.scheduling conflicts with you.
-Makes sure the job is complete and on-time.

Hold Pre-Job Meeting
-Review basic and job-specific safety issues to prevent

Confirm Proper Material Delivered
-Makes sure I'm installing what you asked for
-Allows job to start and proceed on schedule.
-Assures the material is not damaged.

Properly Store Material
-Protect the shingles and other products from damage
.before the products are installed.
-Keep the house and yard neat and safe during the entire
.roofing project.

Necessary Equipment At Job Site
-Avoids installation delays.
-Right tools allow for correct installation.

Protect House and Landscaping
-Cover shrubs and pool to prevent any damage.
-Install chutes and tarps to prevent any damage to the
.exterior of your home.

Check Weather Forecast
-Prevents interior water damage caused from
.unexpected storms leaking through an exposed
.roof deck.
-Avoids moisture damage to roof deck and roofing

Check Job Site Conditions
-Each day we make sure we have safe access to the site
.and the roof to prevent accidents and job delays.

Remove Old Roof
-Allows for inspection and repair to the roof deck.
-Provides smooth roof deck to apply the new roof.

Install Leak Barrier
- Extra protection at most vulnerable areas of the roof.

Install Roof Deck Protection (Felt)
-Provides an additional layer of water shedding
.protection under the shingles.
-Minimized "picture framing" or outline of deck panels
.caused by irregularities in the thickness of your deck.
-Required by building codes.

Install All Metal Drip Edges
- Protects the roof edge from water infiltration.

Address Flashing Details
-Flashing details around chimneys, soil stacks,
.ventilators and vertical wall joints are the most likely
.point of leakage..

Construct Smooth Unobstructed Valleys
[An Especially Vulnerable Place For Leakage]

-Sloping roof planes direct water to the valley, the valley
.must be constructed to carry water away quickly.

Prepare For & Install Ventilation System
-Prevents moisture damage to your roof deck and house. -Provides great energy cost savings.
-Insures compliance to codes.
-Meets shingle warranty requirements.

Apply Horizontal And Vertical Chalk Lines
-Provide a visible guideline to follow to correctly line up
.the shingles for proper exposure and coverage.

Begin Shingle Installation With Starter Strip
-Protects roof by filling in spaces under the cutouts and
.edges of the first shingle course.
-Helps seal the first course down effectively, which is
.especially important to protect against high winds.

Install Quality, Brand Name Roofing Materials
-Provides quality weather protection, fire protection and
.beauty to the exterior of your home.

Install Protective Hip & Ridge Caps
-Provides the finishing touch to protect your roof

Daily Job Site Cleanup
-Ladders and equipment in the yard and around the
.house are potential causes of accidents.
-Maintains clean appearance, so house does not look
.like a construction site.

Remove All Debris From The Roof
-We want the roof to look attractive and display our

Final Rooftop Inspection
-Confirms the roof is installed properly.

Final Site Cleanup
-Ensures no litter or equipment is left at your home.

Homeowner Inspection
-Make sure that you are satisfied.

Provide Extra Matching Shingles
-Lets you make minor repairs with matching shingles.

Deliver Warranties
-Provides you with peace of mind.

Our Standards:
The above quality service, unmatched superior product installation and workmanship will give you the peace of mind you need when installing a new roof. Remember you're not just installing shingles, you are installing a roofing system that will last for the years to come. The quality products and services installed by Big Mack Roofing & Construction are at no additional charge and are covered in full by the estimate provided by your insurance company.


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